Fisheries science Volume 84, Issue 2, March 2018
SPECIAL FEATURE: Coastal Ecosystem Complex (CEC)
ISSN: 0919-9268 (Print) 1444-2906 (Online)
1. Special Feature: Foreword
Introduction: the coastal ecosystem complex as a unit of structure and function of biological productivity in coastal areas
Yoshiro Watanabe, Tomohiko Kawamura, Yoh Yamashita Pages 149-152
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Special Feature: Review Article
Partial migration of juvenile temperate seabass Lateolabrax japonicus: a versatile survival strategy
Akihide Kasai, Taiki Fuji, Keita W. Suzuki, Yoh Yamashita Pages 153-162
Special Feature: Original Article
Upstream migration mechanisms of juvenile temperate sea bass Lateolabrax japonicus in the stratified Yura River estuary
Taiki Fuji, Akihide Kasai, Yoh Yamashita Pages 163-172
Special Feature: Original Article
Ontogenetic habitat shift of age-0 Japanese flounder Paralichthys olivaceus on the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan: differences in timing of the shift among areas and potential effects on recruitment success
Yutaka Kurita, Yuji Okazaki, Yoh Yamashita Pages 173-187
Special Feature: Review Article
Ontogenetic habitat shift in abalone Haliotis discus hannai: a review
Hideki Takami, Tomohiko Kawamura Pages 189-200
Special Feature: Original Article
Ontogenetic habitat and dietary shifts in Japanese turban snail Turbo cornutus at Nagai, Sagami Bay, Japan
Jun Hayakawa, Naoya Ohtsuchi, Tomohiko Kawamura, Hiroaki Kurogi Pages 201-209
Special Feature: Original Article
Ontogenetic habitat shift in Pugettia quadridens on the coast of Sagami Bay, Japan
Naoya Ohtsuchi, Tomohiko Kawamura, Jun Hayakawa, Hiroaki Kurogi… Pages 211-225
Special Feature: Original Article
Successive use of different habitats during the early life stages of Pacific herring Clupea pallasii in Akkeshi waters on the east coast of Hokkaido
Norio Shirafuji, Toru Nakagawa, Naoto Murakami, Sayaka Ito… Pages 227-236
Special Feature: Original Article
Association between the planktonic larval and benthic stages of Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum in eastern Hokkaido, Japan
Natsuki Hasegawa, Hiroya Abe, Toshihiro Onitsuka, Sayaka Ito Pages 237-249
Special Feature: Original Article
Stage-specific distribution of Japanese sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus in Maizuru Bay, Sea of Japan, in relation to environmental factors
Kenji Minami, Hideki Sawada, Reiji Masuda, Kohji Takahashi… Pages 251-259
Spatial–temporal variations in the composition of two Zostera species in a seagrass bed: implications for population management of a commercially exploited grass shrimp
Takashi Yusa, Jun Shoji, Susumu Chiba Pages 261-273
Special Feature: Original Article
Day–night change in fish community structure in a seagrass bed in subarctic waters
Hiroki Tanaka, Susumu Chiba, Takashi Yusa, Jun Shoji Pages 275-281
Special Feature: Original Article
Application of the coastal ecosystem complex concept toward integrated management for sustainable coastal fisheries under oligotrophication
Masakazu Hori, Hideki Hamaoka, Masahito Hirota, Franck Lagarde… Pages 283-292
Modeling the coastal ecosystem complex: present situation and challenges
Sachihiko Itoh, Aigo Takeshige, Akihide Kasai, Shingo Kimura Pages 293-307
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Original Article
The skipjack tuna fishery in the west-central Pacific Ocean: applying neural networks to detect habitat preferences
Jintao Wang, Xinjun Chen, Kevin W. Staples, Yong Chen Pages 309-321
Original Article
Development of a low-energy midwater trawl with different combinations of trawl nets and trawl doors through model experiments
Jihoon Lee, Chun-Woo Lee, Songho Park, Jieun Kim, Subong Park… Pages 323-334
Original Article
Impacts of the nonlinear relationship between abundance and its index in a tuned virtual population analysis
Midori Hashimoto, Hiroshi Okamura, Momoko Ichinokawa… Pages 335-347
Original Article
Tracking the Northern Pacific sea star Asterias amurensis with acoustic transmitters in the scallop mariculture field of Hokkaido, Japan
Koji Miyoshi, Yasuhiro Kuwahara, Kazushi Miyashita Pages 349-355
Original Article
Distribution of the early life stages of small yellow croaker in the Yangtze River estuary and adjacent waters
Nan Lin, Yuange Chen, Yan Jin, Xingwei Yuan, Jianzhong Ling… Pages 357-363
Original Article
Limit of colour vision in dim light in larvae of the giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii
Gunzo Kawamura, Teodora Uy Bagarinao, Annita Seok Kian Yong
Original Article
Relationships between the daily growth rate of Japanese anchovy Engraulis japonicus larvae and environmental factors in Osaka Bay, Seto Inland Sea, Japan
Keigo Yamamoto, Mami Saito, Yoh Yamashita Pages 373-383
Original Article
Preliminary study of the performance of crude illipe oil (Shorea macrophylla) as a dietary lipid source for riverine cyprinid Tor tambroides
Mohd Salleh Kamarudin, Mahkameh Lashkarizadeh Bami, Aziz Arshad… Pages 385-397
Original Article
Effects of temperature on the survival, feeding, and growth of pearl gentian grouper (female Epinephelus fuscoguttatus × male Epinephelus lanceolatus)
Zhe Zhang, Zhangwu Yang, Ning Ding, Weiwei Xiong, Guofu Zheng, Qi Lin… Pages 399-404
Original Article
Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) production using mannitol as a sole carbon source by Burkholderia sp. AIU M5M02 isolated from a marine environment
Miwa Yamada, Ai Yukita, Yuta Hanazumi, Yuki Yamahata, Hiroki Moriya… Pages 405-412
Original Article
The effect of different pretreatments on the quality of ready-to-eat jellyfish Rhopilema esculentum Kishinouye products
Xiuping Dong, Xinru Fan, Yang Wang, Libo Qi, Shuang Liang, Lei Qin…