Entrance of tourists in Boracay island, Philippines, was prohibited from last April. This regulation will continue at least 6 months. Boracay is one of the worldwide famous marine tourism spot for its powdery white sand beach, and millions of tourists visited the small island every year. However, too rapid uncontrolled development of tourism business in the island have crated serious environmental and ecological problems. President Rodrigo Duterte slammed coast of Boracay as “cesspool” and he shut the island in order to clean it up. On the other hand, the tourism is largest drive force of local economy and social development in Aklan Province.  Some 36,000 jobs stand to be affected, with an expected shortfall of about 56 billion pesos ($1.07 billion) per year.  More serious problem is degradation of social services in this area, because various social services are directly and indirectly supported by revenue from tax relating tourism such as cooperation money in ferriage.

Attachment pdf file is a letter to president Duterte from “the future fisher”.